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Find 'bin' Folder on Mac

Before talking about finding bin folder on Mac, we should know something simple. There is a unique behavior of UNIX system. System directories (/usr, /var, /etc) are always hidden on Mac by default, and this is the reason why we can not navigate to these directories through Finder. If you are an advanced user, you need to get into these folders sometime since these hold many license and configuration files inside. Below are some ways to get into these directories quickly_ 

_Open Finder and press COMMAND+SHIFT+G. Following dialog box opens_
Find 'bin' Folder on Mac
Write the path for the folder and go. Write /usr/local/bin to get to the bin folder.We can also select "Go" from the Finder's menu and select "Go to folder...", which will also bring up the same dialog box that shows in the above screenshot. 

_Another way to get to the specific folder is from the Terminal. If we use the below command line it will take us directly to the bin folder.
     open -a Finder /usr/local/bin
_We can also type path /usr/local/bin on spotlight and hit return to get direct access to the bin folder.

We can drag the folder on the Finder bar for quick access in the future. By the way, check out "Enable Finder to Show or Hide Invisible Files and Folders in Mac" to show/hide hidden folders on Mac.

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