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Rename Git Branch

You are working on a project and the team has defined a naming convention for git branches. You have created a branch and pushed all your changes then realized that your branch name has Uh o in it. You have to rename the branch. Git made it very easy for you to rename the branch using -m command. Follow these steps_

Rename Git Branch
Checkout the branch.
git checkout Old_BranchName
Rename the local branch.
git branch -m New_BranchName
Push the new local branch and reset the upstream branch.
git push origin -u New_BranchName
Safely delete the old remote branch.
git push origin --delete Old_BranchName
git push origin :Old_BranchName
That’s it, renaming is done for local and remote Git branch.
You can also rename the branch from another branch using these commands.
git branch -m Old_BranchName New_BranchName
git push origin :Old_BranchName
git push origin -u New_BranchName
Happy coding!

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