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Essential Keyboard Functions

Keyboard functions have a great impact on our productivity, greatly speed up the outcome and save a whole lot of time. It also can reduce wrist strain. Remembering these functions can be overwhelming at first but you will get used to it. Below are some most frequently used keyboard functions_

KeyBoard on
_F1: It is help key. It is used to get help with the computer or with any software. It displays or hides the ribbon menu bar in Word and Excel.

_F2: Generally its used to rename any folder or file. Alt+Ctrl+F2 functions can be used for opening the new document of Microsoft word. By clicking Ctrl+F2, we can see the print preview of Microsoft word. It sets edit mode of the active cell in Excel, a quick and easy way to manage formulas.

_F3: It starts the options of the program and Shift+F3 toggles the case of the selected text rotating from sentence case to uppercase to lowercase and so on.

_F4: We can use this perticular function to repeat the last action performed on Microsoft word, such as drawing a line or creating a textbox. We can stop the all the running programs by using Alt+F4 and Ctrl+F4 can stop all active windows.

_F5: It does the refresh of Microsoft Windows and browsers. It is the GoTo key in both Word and Excel. It gives the cell reference on Excel.

_F6: It is one of the most useful functions. It sends the mouse cursor to the internet browser. Clicking Ctrl+Shift+F6 opens up all active documents of Microsoft Word. Clicking Shift+F6 toggles between multiple documents when we have more than one open, on both Word and Excel.

_F7: F7 does the correction of writing and grammatical errors. It opens the Spell Check dialog box in Excel, Word, and Outlook. Shift+F7 does synonyms, antonyms, feature of words. It’s called Dictionary.

_F8: Generally we can start Windows in safe mode with it. It also starts Macro dialog box.

_F9: Clicking Ctrl+Shift+F9 disables active hyperlink when selected. Clicking Shift+F9 recalculates everything on Excel worksheet.

_F10: It selects menu from menubar on any open windows or on a browser.

_F11: It does the off and on mode when we are browsing full-screen. It also creates a chart of the data in the active range of the active worksheet.

_F12: This key opens the Save As dialog box in Excel, Word, and Outlook, then prompts for a new filename. Besides, you can print your Microsoft word document by Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F12.

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